Extended navigation

Add menu items to the magento top menu. This extension will place any kind of links before and after the standard top main menu.

  • menu managed with a simple XML file
  • An Xml file for each view (en_US.xml, fr_FR.xml etc...)
  • No deep limitation

Extended menu sample for a french view

<xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ExtendedMenues view="fr_FR">
	<MenuItem title="Accueil" link="/fr/"></MenuItem>
	<MenuItem title="A propos" link="#">
		<MenuItem title="Services" link="/fr/services/"></MenuItem>
		<MenuItem title="Portfolio" link="/fr/portfolio/"></MenuItem>
		<MenuItem title="CV" link="/fr/cv/"></MenuItem>

What is the difference between a site license and a developer license ?
The site license allows you to use this extension on 1 magento store. With the developer license, buy it one time and use it on much magento stores as you need..
What is the list of available country code ?
You will find the country code i this file :

        'af_ZA', /*Afrikaans (South Africa)*/
        'ar_DZ', /*Arabic (Algeria)*/
        'ar_EG', /*Arabic (Egypt)*/
        'ar_KW', /*Arabic (Kuwait)*/
        'ar_MA', /*Arabic (Morocco)*/
        'ar_SA', /*Arabic (Saudi Arabia)*/
        'az_Latn_AZ', /*Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)*/
        'be_BY', /*Belarusian (Belarus)*/
        'bg_BG', /*Bulgarian (Bulgaria)*/
        'bn_BD', /*Bengali (Bangladesh)*/
        'bs_Latn_BA', /*Bosnian (Bosnia)*/
        'ca_ES', /*Catalan (Catalonia)*/
        'cs_CZ', /*Czech (Czech Republic)*/
        'cy_GB', /*Welsh (United Kingdom)*/
        'da_DK', /*Danish (Denmark)*/
        'de_AT', /*German (Austria)*/
        'de_CH', /*German (Switzerland)*/
        'de_DE', /*German (Germany)*/
        'el_GR', /*Greek (Greece)*/
        'en_AU', /*English (Australian)*/
        'en_CA', /*English (Canadian)*/
        'en_GB', /*English (United Kingdom)*/
        'en_NZ', /*English (New Zealand)*/
        'en_US', /*English (United States)*/
        'es_AR', /*Spanish (Argentina)*/
        'es_CO', /*Spanish (Colombia)*/
        'es_PA', /*Spanish (Panama)*/
        'gl_ES', /*Galician (Galician)*/
        'es_CR', /*Spanish (Costa Rica)*/
        'es_ES', /*Spanish (Spain)*/
        'es_MX', /*Spanish (Mexico)*/
        'eu_ES', /*Basque (Basque)*/
        'es_PE', /*Spanish (Peru)*/
        'et_EE', /*Estonian (Estonia)*/
        'fa_IR', /*Persian (Iran)*/
        'fi_FI', /*Finnish (Finland)*/
        'fil_PH', /*Filipino (Philippines)*/
        'fr_BE', /*French (Belgium)*/
        'fr_CA', /*French (Canada)*/
        'fr_FR', /*French (France)*/
        'gu_IN', /*Gujarati (India)*/
        'he_IL', /*Hebrew (Israel)*/
        'hi_IN', /*Hindi (India)*/
        'hr_HR', /*Croatian (Croatia)*/
        'hu_HU', /*Hungarian (Hungary)*/
        'id_ID', /*Indonesian (Indonesia)*/
        'is_IS', /*Icelandic (Iceland)*/
        'it_CH', /*Italian (Switzerland)*/
        'it_IT', /*Italian (Italy)*/
        'ja_JP', /*Japanese (Japan)*/
        'ka_GE', /*Georgian (Georgia)*/
        'km_KH', /*Khmer (Cambodia)*/
        'ko_KR', /*Korean (South Korea)*/
        'lo_LA', /*Lao (Laos)*/
        'lt_LT', /*Lithuanian (Lithuania)*/
        'lv_LV', /*Latvian (Latvia)*/
        'mk_MK', /*Macedonian (Macedonia)*/
        'mn_Cyrl_MN', /*Mongolian (Mongolia)*/
        'ms_Latn_MY', /*Malaysian (Malaysia)*/
        'nl_BE', /*Dutch (Belgium)*/
        'nl_NL', /*Dutch (Netherlands)*/
        'nb_NO', /*Norwegian BokmГ_l (Norway)*/
        'nn_NO', /*Norwegian Nynorsk (Norway)*/
        'pl_PL', /*Polish (Poland)*/
        'pt_BR', /*Portuguese (Brazil)*/
        'pt_PT', /*Portuguese (Portugal)*/
        'ro_RO', /*Romanian (Romania)*/
        'ru_RU', /*Russian (Russia)*/
        'sk_SK', /*Slovak (Slovakia)*/
        'sl_SI', /*Slovenian (Slovenia)*/
        'sq_AL', /*Albanian (Albania)*/
        'sr_Cyrl_RS', /*Serbian (Serbia)*/
        'sv_SE', /*Swedish (Sweden)*/
        'sw_KE', /*Swahili (Kenya)*/
        'th_TH', /*Thai (Thailand)*/
        'tr_TR', /*Turkish (Turkey)*/
        'uk_UA', /*Ukrainian (Ukraine)*/
        'vi_VN', /*Vietnamese (Vietnam)*/
        'zh_Hans_CN', /*Chinese (China)*/
        'zh_Hant_HK', /*Chinese (Hong Kong SAR)*/
        'zh_Hant_TW', /*Chinese (Taiwan)*/
        'es_CL', /*Spanich (Chile)*/
        'lo_LA', /*Laotian*/
        'es_VE', /*Spanish (Venezuela)*/
        'en_IE', /*English (Ireland)*/

Sample for an extended menu targeting a swiss view : de_CH.xml, this file must be placed in :

Installation with archive

  • After your purchase, you have to download the extension from "My downloadable products" menu under "My account".
  • Unzip the files
  • Create a directory app/code/Netgasoline/Extendnavigation
  • Copy and paste all files into this new directory

Activate the extension

  • Open your command line interface
  • Use "cd" to go to the root of your magento 2 install
  • Run the following commands
    php bin/magento module:enable Netgasoline_Extendnavigation
    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • Create the extended menues file with the following sample. It's a recurcive menu, the is no deep limitation
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <ExtendedMenues view="en_US">
    	<MenuItem title="menu item" link="/link/">
    		<MenuItem title="menu item" link="/link/">
    			<MenuItem title="menu item" link="/link/"></MenuItem>
    	<MenuItem title="menu item" link="/link/">
    		<MenuItem title="menu item" link="/link/">
    			<MenuItem title="menu item" link="/link/"></MenuItem>
  • Save your files in the directory /app/code/Netgasoline/Extendnavigation/ExtendedMenues/
    Save the files with the name of the country code of the view, for Example, name the file de_CH.xml to target the swiss view of your store.
  • You can create a file for each view, but it's not obligatory.
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